Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Haute.Lanta Fashion Week Pics Coming Soooooon...

In the meantime, here are a few random teasers

Model: Claire in Annette Bertin Couture Gown

Publicist Nikki Walker, HLFW Designer Adele Yen, and yours truly

Models: Sica Cole and Annetta LaCroix

HLFW Models backstage before Adolfo Sanchez show

80's Inspired Break Dancers Opened Urban Chic Shows

Trunk Show Suites Vendor: Design Faze

Monday, September 10, 2007

Live Egyptian Cobra Guards Stiletto!

Areal-life Egyptian cobra guards a pair of ruby- sapphire- and diamond-encrusted sandals by designer Rene Caovilla at Harrods department store London.(AFP/File/Shaun Curry)

LONDON (AFP) - To their high society owners, a pair of haute couture shoes can be a precious thing.

But to guard a 62,000 pound (120,000 dollar) pair of ruby- sapphire- and diamond-encrusted Rene Caovilla sandals at their London launch, retailer Harrods went to extreme lengths: bringing in a live Egyptian cobra to patrol the shoe counter.
Whether hiring a poisonous snake is, strictly speaking, the most effective means of guarding precious footwear might be a moot point with security experts. But it makes for a pretty effective photo opportunity.

A spokeswoman for Harrods admitted that the cobra had been hired strictly for Monday's launch of the shoe collection.

"The snake has now been returned to its owner," she said.
So no need to fear snake bites at the shoe counter, then. "Not unless you're a burglar," the spokeswoman said.

The Little Black Book.......of Style

As Fashion Director at Elle magazine, Nina García knows trends –– from the return of oversized sunglasses, to the rise of cropped jackets, to the advent of all things PINK –– she has seen it all. While some fashion trends are constantly changing, some just stay the same––the little black dress? Timeless. A pair of skinny jeans? Absolutely necessary. Those adorable sling back heels? Essential to any woman's closet. Balancing the classics with the trends is what style is all about.

An exploration of attainable elegance, The Little Black Book of Style provides the essential rules for fashion that every woman should know. From definite fashion faux–pas to pointers on how to create your own sense of style, to uncovering what makes you look and feel good, Nina García offers readers the ultimate guide to follow when it comes to dressing their best. Including tips on how and when to wear an outfit, occasion appropriate wear, advice on how to combine colors and textures, and inspiration on how to achieve your own signature look, this hand–book is a must have.

How much is too much SWAGGA?

Gotta luv these dudes. Can't wait to see how this whole publicity stunt pans out. Ashamed they had to pick Sept. 11th. Hmmt

Illustrations of a Fashioniste


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gay Pride in Atlanta

Soooooooooooooo. I went to hang with the "BOYS" this weekend and OMG, it was quite interesting. Never in my life have I been in the midst of over 10,000 gay males. I mean the hour long dance off was enough, but when I saw the chic or woMAN dressed in a blue dress with a matching blue wig....in ponytails...oh and by the way one breast was out with a pastie. WTF! Outrageous.

I must say, they sure know how to kick it. This party took place during Gay Pride weekend and apprently every gay Black male in America, no literally, was in Atlanta and at this event, which took place inside a 55,000 square foot venue.

To top it all off, I was like the drag queen idol of the night. Of course I was completely overdressed because the new "gay" thing is HOMO-THUG so there weren't very many "sugar-fairies" in the house. More like gay gangstas with gold grills, iced out chains, baggy jeans, and timberlands. To see one Lil Jon looking dude grinding on the dance floor with a TI looking dude, made me throw up in my mouth a bit! I said to myself, I must go home and call my "baby-daddy" and propose because there are no real straight men in Atlanta.

Jennifer Hudson performed at the Lion's Den party at Club Europe Sunday

Funny thing...A gangbanger looking group of dudes with hoodies and wave caps on saying, "OMG she's is alive, OMG can I touch you...look at your hair, girrrrrrrrlllll..you are sooo fly" I was surounded by them, it was like I was Beyonce for the night because you know the "BOYS" love Beyonce. When her song came on it was complete craziness. LOL

Love the "BOYS" but I think I sill skip Gay Pride weekend next time. I think it was a bit overwhelming and now I see why I am soooo all about the single life in Atlanta. Hee Hee. Love yooooooooooooooooooooooooou Suga Fairies!!!! You too Mario!

Eva Pigford and Jade Cole hosted the Traxxx Girls block party Saturday

Jill is the REAL Thing!

I just love Jill Scott! I still listen to songs from her first CD..An Obvious Classic!

For those of you who haven't heard her new song, here goes....
Let me know what you think????