Sunday, December 16, 2007

Covergirl Queen Collection: Reviews

So I tried Queen Latifah's The Covergirl Queen Collection, which was created for women of color to match the shades of our skin without masking our natural beauty. This is fabulous because I have to mix mine to match my skintone. The foundation looks lightweight and creamy, but I was unable to try it due to my extremely fair skin. I did use the volume mascara this weekend and my lashes really looked cute. Because I wear individual and strip lashes often, I don't have much of my own anymore. This mascara did the duty, but I don't know about 5 times the volume. The packaging is pretty though.

I am definitey loving the copper bliss lipgloss. I don't wear a lot of makeup unless I have a show, but I MUST have lashes and gloss even if I am grocery shopping. It's not sticky and it has a subtle sparkle and kissable shine...and oh yes I am going to wear this gloss everyday. MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Love the motto too

"Every woman is a Queen, so let beauty reign"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Andre: Fashion's Bearded Lady

Well in the world of fashion, flamboyantly gay drag queens are the norm...but what do you do with a drag queen with a beard? For example, let's talk about Andre.

He has been on the cover of Vogue, graced the runway for the industry's top designers, he is BFF's with Kenny from Heatherette, and he parties with the best of them in booty shorts and a clutch purse. He never forgets his most well-known accessory: A full beard. What the hell?

Your Thoughts?

Patricia Field Launches her BARBIE Collection

Ok do these "Ken-Doll" Bartenders have on blush?

Well Patrica. So sorry to burst your bubble but I had the pink carpet first. Anyone who attended my "Scent of Pretty: Madame du Jour Product Launch" will vouch for me :)

Cute though....

What to get a Sexy Computer Geek for Christmas?

For the internet millionaire who’s all important business documents are loaded in a USB drive, spending a few extra bucks on getting a stylish USB drive is not a bad idea at all! We have earlier told you about the shiny gold and crystal embellished USB Key from Solid Alliance. The newest offering from the company is this Swarovski rhinestone USB drive necklace which can be customized with your choice of colors, patterns and you can even get your choice of alphabets engraved on it. The drives come in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB for a mere price of $155.

These glitzy USB drives are specially targeted for the female audience, so, if your girlfriend is a computer geek then this would make a perfect gift for her and it will also save you from getting pissed-off thinking what to gift her on her birthday or your anniversary.

...or what about this one:

A shiny gold and crystal embellished USB key gives the impression that your USB key is as precious as the data it carries. Oh…it does makes sense…doesn’t it! We have earlier seen some precious versions before too with the Solid Silver USB Pen and the Gold Platinum USB Drive from LG and now this one from Solid Alliance which is priced at 600 euros. This work of art is not totally made of gold, as the case is made of bronze and it includes some crystals from Statsuma Kiriko, a major Japanese crystal glassmaker. The shiny USB key was made as a tribute to the Japanese craft industry.