Friday, February 22, 2008

Other Celebrities Besides Layla k. @ The Magic Convention

Briefing you on: The 2008 MAGIC Convention. In a mean-girl mood so bear with me.....

My feet are still recouperating man!!!! The taxi's are too damn expensive and they drive like maniacs! On a positive note, I went alongside Vera Mitchell of She's Got Style Boutique this year. All in all we found that most companies overcharge for cheap quality and then they can't even meet their minimums when you make an order anyway. We met a few Australian designers and discovered new and interesting lines, such as Pepsi, who now has a sexy denim line. Doubt I'd wear it, but it was cute for a soda :)

Of course celebrities flocked to promote themselves and party like hell. It's Vegas baby!!! Paris Hilton was there course. Here she is leaving the Doll House Booth:

We didn't make it to the 40/40 Club, but I bet I know who did...Beyonce was there promoting her clothing line, Dereon....

Eve showed up to represent her Fetish clothing line, although she hadn't even seen it until she got to the booth. That ish was WACK and when we went in, there were less than 40 outfits and one rep all by her lonesome. No buyers, just Veronica and I chuckling at the cheap fabrics and high price point. Hell I didn't even know the line still existed.

Eve with Exec Vice Pres of Fetish: Alain Lafontant

Found this pic online. Never saw this Fetish-sporting model:

Anyway...moving on..

Cutesy sisters, Vanessa and Angela Simmons promoted those dessert ice cream and cake with a cherry on

Oh and we ran into a designer duo from the Bay. We knew immediately where they were from by simply looking at the name: Hellagant. We asked what that meant exactly and the response we got was, "HELLA ELEGANT" lmao. Gotta love my Bay Area Oakland hyphy folks. The line itself is the hautenes though....



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that we got free CUTE jeans! Both of which are now in my store! -:)
Vera M

Anonymous said...

lmao.....I want to be HeLLaGaNt!!!!!lol

Anonymous said...

Is that a GUTT! On one of the Simmons girls!!!!!!!