Friday, March 21, 2008

A Diamond Doggy for a Mourning Kimora

During Wednesday’s launch of her new fragrance, Fabulosity, it was a rare light-hearted moment for Kimora Lee Simmons, who was mourning the recent death of her 18-year-old dog, Zoe. She took to the podium at the press junket behind schedule not looking like herself and explained the delay due to a death in the family.

She shared with People magazine:

“You have to … grieve,” she said. “It’s okay to take time and say this meant something to my life and [to] honor it.”

In fact, in typical Kimora style, she may find a way to honor Zoe with bling.

“There is a company that makes diamonds out of your loved ones,” she said. “[They] make diamonds from a little of the carbon from the ash, so I might do that. I might turn her into a diamond.”

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