Monday, May 7, 2007

A Hint of Print

Check out ZooZoom's "Hint of Print" Story. You must see this online fashion glossy. The visuals inspire a couture chic like me.

Sixties Prints and Modern Graphics.

Transport Twiggy's Mod heyday into today's graphic frenzy. Throw inhibition out the window and watch the volcano of color erupt. Why restrict your love of pattern and color to screens and paper when you can let it loose on the streets?

In the wild, the peacock uses most of his body length to boast his hues. We should take the peacock’s cue! Match and surpass wild decadence by wearing triplets of patterns and colors. Let mangoes and electric pinks vibrate in floral embroidery. Bring nature’s courtship song and dance into the world and watch it change.... more

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