Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthday Parties for the Mini Haute-Couturiers

Why wait for sweet-sixteen to give your little girl an enviable birthday to remember? What better a gift for your mini-Manhattanite and aspiring Muiccia, than the "Fashion Design Party" offered by luxury NYC toy store, FAO Schwarz.

On the day of the party, your daughter and nine of her dearest will work with real fashion designers in the private party room at FAO's flagship store on 5th Avenue, to create their own original apparel and handbag designs which will later be professionally manufactured. Just when the buzz dies down at school about how chic and exclusive the party was, eight weeks later, they return to the store for a fashion show and apres ice-cream party. The young designers work the runway as models for their original creations, for a packed house of fifty guests.

This is sure to generate enough personal PR at school to keep her in the upper echelons for good. (Or at least until high school!) With a price tag starting from $25,000.00, call it extravagant, but I think it might be worth it considering the going rate for that priceless look upon her face of sheer parental adoration!

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