Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The World's Most Expensive Mascara is SO DAMN HAUTE!

The PINK Socialite Collection's Lipstick, Mascara, Lip Plumper:

OMG! I love this chic....and I thought I had a million companies and ideas. Check this out!

Twenty-Four year old self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Taysha Smith Valez launched 'The Socialite Collection' – A Lip and Lash Cosmetics Collection which is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with impeccable VIP concierge service. She is the creator of the newest beauty category: HAUTE!

The Socialite Collection is a supreme line of mascara and lip color unlike anything to ever hit the beauty market. More than makeup, The Socialite Collection represents a LIFESTYLE, featuring the finest ingredients, Over The Top VIP treatment and concierge service, and brilliantly jeweled packaging that will become a treasured family collectible heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Simply put, The Socialite Collection is for women who feel they deserve the best and choose to lavish themselves with beauty and luxury.

Offered exclusively through H Couture Beauty for a limited time, the first 1700 clients who ordered The Socialite Collection received a long list of impeccable products and services. NOTE: At $1589 a pop, Over 10k have been sold already.

Also See: The 77th & Park Blow Dryer (Pink & Black Diamonds) with Snake Skin Bag:

Go to H.Couture Beauty...Oh and by the way, they support Haute.Lanta Fashion Week. Check the webpage background! ALL OF THE ITEMS ARE AT, Taysha's new department store. Sites up and Doors open in '08.

Taysha's TSV Eyes Collection

Also check out: Park Ave Princess Frames by Alex-O, another one of her companies.

For all of you aspiring Fashionistas, I will see what advice the busy Beauty Mogul has for you. She is definitely ONE HAUTE CHIC. Til then, buy that mascara!


Lana.. said...

Hi, It's Alana ,
I am the pr rep for HCouture.. We have since sold 10K + socialite Collections... the 1700 mentioned sold the first week in 2006.
Thank you and your blog is beauTayful.

Stay Haute
Alana R .

Lana.. said...
Everything is Sold At Bianca's Department Store
" The Hautest Dept Store on the Planet"

P.S. I had to add that little bit of info !

Alana Rosenberg

Hautlanta Fashion Week.. 1 word ... HAUTE !

Pat said...

Wow ! Very Nice .

Anonymous said...

I MUST HAVE THAT HAIR DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THIS! Can I get glitz and glammed up with the studded out makeup! To behonest I may have too just keep it in a glass case that says "BREAK IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY"...."LASHES"

Anonymous said...

OMG This is the flyest makeup set I have ever seen. So there is a new category huh? WOW


Lo: From Laguna Beach said...

I have the dryer in all black. and Yes Yup Yes it's fly !
It has an attachment to go on the front for flow . It's not in the picture but it comes with it. I have the travel one in pink . And they gave me half off the travel for buying the classic . It looks so haute on the vanity .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a MUST HAVE!

Anonymous said...

Omg she has her own department store! not boutique but department store coming soon! . I heard about her on CNBC. They mentioned something about her being the youngest department store owner in history. She kept saying she wanted "it to feel like home and human not a machine". This is madness. I am hooked. TSV for Haute President. !

So i count 4 dif brands in one blogging.
TSV, Alex-O, Socialite, & 77th&Park .

"Running in a circle . Looking for credit card!"

Layla k. said...

Hi Ladies, Glad you like. I love! She has wayyyyy more companies than that. Google her: Taysha Smith Valez.

Layla k.

Pat Manning said...

She has water,teen beauty line,kids toys line ,womens line ,spas,credit card brand, cell phones, tv station,magazines,realestate,publishing,diamonds.
Layla. you let the cat out of the bag. She is tooooooooooooo haute too touch. I agree TSV for Haute (beauty) president. !

Anonymous said...

^mens grooming line, teeth whitening, and she is very pretty. i saw her
her team is huge though. no way is she doing this alone. Haute indeed. Team TSV

Anonymous said...

^ and no rich husband! Priceless.

Anonymous said...


Tomei said...

I know what i want for my birthday!!! muahahahahah!!!!

Yardley said...

Wait this is the same Taysha Smith Valez who owns the Gordon Smith Cohen Jewelry firm. !!!
My best friend got her wedding set custom from that firm.
They have a store coming right in the Rodeo drive area in the spring. Crazy i had no idea it was the same person until i googled and found her picture. Wonderful lady but she know good and well she is too wealthy to be so young. I read some where that she is worth 70mil. That can't be right cause Gordon Smith Cohen is worth more then that by its self.? Ah well . Great site. and i need that blow dryer 2.

Norma said...

^I saw read about that firm in the ny Post. i dont think she owns it . Her parents own it. I think