Monday, July 9, 2007

Black American Princesses B.A.P. Cosmetics Featuring Layla k.

So my girl Tay (Taysha Smith Valez for my new readers) has yet another beauty company. That girl just doesn't stop. I love her!! She is definitely a Black American Princess and you guys MUST support.

Just to give you a heads up, she is featuring modern women who will represent a BAP from the past. I am Billy Holiday hence my hairdo. I think the photoshoot is going to be fun.

Tay is also featuring my publicist Nikki Walker, herself, and several other BAPS. I am honored to be part of this campaign. So look out for the launch on July 18th. I will keep you guys posted...

She recently interviewed with Associated Content and gave a mention to Haute.Lanta Fashion Week so that was a great look. She is my beauty sponsor and will be displaying 5 million in diamonds at the World Trade Center so BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!! Her main site is
H Couture Beauty, order your diamond encrusted mascara today. It'll only hit you for about 14 million! LITERALLY!

Hmmm...Can't wait to see what's in the little black box...... Price Point: $188-$1,888!

These are some of the women we will be portraying:

Here is what Tay has to say about it: "We just celebrate a culture (B.A.P. Ness) that noooooo one else seemed to touch..B.A .P.s are international, no specific area codes... classy and classic; some have come from nothing to site seeing overseas on those cobble stone roads..."

I'm Proud to be a B.A.P. :)


Anonymous said...

Love it . B.A.P.

Tomei said...

oh my gosh layla!!! your gonna make a beautiful Billy!!!you gotta let me know when it comes out ok keep doing ya thing fashion ho! i love ya girl

Nik said...

Such a great concept, can't wait to see you shine Layla! Work!!!

Yes said...
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Anonymous said...

B.A.P. like M.A.C
this B*tch is too fly.
Can't have my name showing !

Anonymous said...

^ I agree. and she got hattas already. You know how black people are. they rather support whitttie no matter how much fabness comes from our own.
Somebody on another board was like. "what is she tyna be the black M.A.C.")
Our people are so lost. They have no idea how big this girl is before this brand. O well. I know i am buying everything that is $8 dollas when it comes out.

Haute said...

Yeah well that is because that person was not a true BAP!

They obviously don't know the meaning, that is why they assumed it was a MAC knockoff but Taysha only does it HAUTE!

So how about they quit hatin and spend their rent money on some of Tay's stuff because it is like no other!

Unice said...

Yeah I know this shit gonna be hot. I been eyeing her shit since last year. Saving the pennies. I am glad she is doing this line though cause a b*tch like me would be broke!. You know your ass gotta be invited to buy her TSV line. again the chic is fly as hell thats why they mad.

Unice said...

Did she say site seeing over seas on them cobble stone roads.
OHH Shit ! To F*cking fly. How can they hate ? Just how? She prob nice as too an't she Layla?

Unice said...

She prob nice ? is what i was askin

Layla k. said...

Yes, Tay is cool. She definitely keeps it real and much like me, she does not bite her tongue. At the same time, she is extremely business savvy, smart, and fly as hell! She'll be displaying her products at Fashion Week so support us both ladies :)

TSV said...

Typo $8-$1,888 :)