Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Is Youth Out of Fashion?"

Hmm I saw an interesting video on CNN today regarding adolescent models. The British now have an expert panel that calls for teen models to be banned from the British catwalks. They say being thin is too much pressure for a young girl and it leads to anorexia and such. TRUE!

They are looking to ban models 16 and younger, so pretty soon we will not see them in London Fashion Week anymore. Their philosphy is you can't use children to sell women's clothes anymore.

Interesting. What's your take on it?


Anonymous said...

The color is kind of pretty but on a cake or something. I mean if I saw that on the streets I'd laugh my ass off!

Haute said...

I wouldn't! I would be in awe. That is what high fashion and couture is about: Intricate details, overextravagance, and difficult design artistry. A designer like me would appreciate the fact that it probably took 15 people a million months to make this one piece and that is why couture is costly! :)