Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ovie Mughelli: Atlanta Falcon....EYE CANDY MATERIAL???

So my publicist, the FABULOUS Nikki Walker is convinced that her other client, Ovie Mughelli is super haute! I'm over it! I definitely think he is a nice looking dude, but I wouldn't be falling all over him like I would over Morris Chesnut. I won't lie, I dated an NFLer in the past, but I am not into the buff NFL types. After reading his bio, he is interestingly well rounded, "medical school smart," and that record breaking 18 million dollar NFL deal doesn't hurt either. Nikki says women are in AWE and that he is "FOINE." Smart can be SEXY!

Ladies, I think this calls for a response from you! I managed to get the photos from his myspace. What do you think? Is he a candidate for one of our quarterly "Mr. Eye Candy" Competitions.....? I mean..I know you ladies have a thing for chocolate.......

Born June 10, 1980
Birthplace Charleston, SC.
Height 6-1
Weight 255
High School Porter-Gaud HS
Drafted 2003 4th Round by the Baltimore Ravens (134th overall)
Position FB
Jersey # 34


Anonymous said...

This is all about body type, people! Layla K has a problem wit buff, athletic types. Ovie is amazing!

Not only is he gorgeous, but he is smart and cares for his community (his foundation is the Ovie Mughelli Project and it is phenomenal)

Layyla's hating because she is a needy client and wants all of my attention, that's all....Vote for Ovie! lol!!!!!

Love you Ms. K!
~The Fabulous

Layla k. said...

Yes Layla k. is a needy client! Sure am and I will continue to steal all of your time. Layla k. ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote me for me. Your comment sounds like a damn PR pitch. Ha Ha Ha

We'll see what the ladies of my blog have to say about Mr. Ovie. lol

Anonymous said...

rejoice peasants.... ovie is the wrong answer he has no neck hes average theres a lot to be said for what money can do