Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Networking Extravaganza

Got lots of business connects. Love it! Networking is what I do!

Me with Ovie Mughelli (Atlanta Falcon) and Jennifer Garippa (GM of Louis Vuitton)

So I went to D. Woods' birthday party last night. There were like three celebrities there and one of them was me. lol.....BUT I landed an interview with some tv show. Who really cares about the name, let's talk about the host (Sunny aka Sun of New York)...CUTE!!!! and my publicist says she thinks he was feelin' Layla k. a lil bit. Who knows? Anyway, D Woods wants to model in Haute.Lanta Fashion Week and she also said something about Danity Kane performing. Her PR hit me up so I'll keep all of you Danity Kane fans posted.

Left there to go to an invitation only event inside the Louis Vuitton store in Buckhead...after the mall was closed. It was quite interesting and now that I know what the party was for, it is all making sense now. It was yet another record release party for my future ex husband TI. Oh oops he brought Tiny and she is Tiny and yes she really does look like that. His ass was the only celebrity that had security, hell Jermaine Dupree had on so much ice and him and Big Boi were just chillin. As my asst. would say, TI was being so overcompensatory! Especially since it was like 90 degrees yesterday and he had on a velvet blazor. WTF. I still love you TI!

The director from BET's Black Carpet would not interview me, but when she interviewed Ovie from the Falcons, she requested that I grace the viewers with the ultimate "Doll Face Killah" experience..Okay okay so I was asked to stand there and be eye candy. lol. Hmmt! I got a few photo ops though: Atlanta Peach and the Sunday Paper.

I was at least able to chat it up with the GM of Louis Vuitton, an editor from Upscale Magazine, Jazze Phae, Don Carlos (aka Sugar Tongue Slim),Giant from SOHH, the program director for 95.5. Saw a few familiar faces including my old friend Yancey from Oakland who recently moved here to work for Atlantic Records. I met a hyphy white boy who is former A&R for Capitol. He was crazy!

My new "Billy Holiday" hairdo brought lots of attention. My publicist says I can't go anywhere without that "do" A car full of guys rolled past, then stopped, and backed up to say, "Hey girl, let me see your hair!" Ughhh

See more pics from SOHH, I am in the slideshow!


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girl look at you big time!!!! that's what i'm talkin' bout lady!!! i'm tryin to get on yo status

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Go Layla!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Eye candy huh............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"lashes"