Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birkhead is "The Baby's Daddy"

Yes I said, "Baby's Daddy" because Anna Nicole, Lord rest her soul, was trifling. Is it just me, or did Dannielyn have way too many potential fathers in this case? Most guys deny paternity. It sure is ironic that so many "lovers" came forward. I have my suspicians about what really happened dating back to the death of Anna's son Daniel, what do you think?

Dannielynn could be a very rich little girl, especially if her ship comes in on the Marshall estate to the tune of $423 million. The question -- who should administer the trust?

According to Anna's will, Stern was supposed to be the trustee for Daniel in the event she died. Obviously, Anna didn't bank on Daniel dying before her, and there were no provisions made for Dannielynn. This is the stuff court cases are made of. Whoever administers the trust -- could earn 3% in trustee fees each year, and that comes to $12.6 million.

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Anonymous said...

Stern should not get a damn thing. How the hell does two people under the age of 40 die so suddenly? Drug interaction? Yeah right the man, Stern is a lawyer he knows how to kill folks w/o fingers being pointed to him. I say the money if ever received goes to the little girl who was born into some untrustworthy BS!