Sunday, April 15, 2007

New York's ROWDY Reunion: Get the Scoop Here!

If you missed it, the scoop is all here! There were enough twists and turns to make you wonder if it all wasn't planned. I felt so bad for MTV VJ LaLa, she is so above this nonsense.

So Mr. Boston has an identical twin..and oh yeah he is now dating Pumkin (the notorious spitter)

Romance looked a fool and acted a fool. He is still in love with little dogs...makes you wonder what he is doing to them behind closed doors.

New York got her boobs done..AGAIN and had the nerve to pull a fashion HELL NO by wearing a black bra under a her dress. A dress that would have looked fabulous if it wasn't on her.

Sister Patterson still looks a haute mess. As much as she hated Flav, isn't it ironic that they kind of look alike? P.S. Can somebody tell me why Sister Patterson's old ass has a myspace page?

12 Pack and Heat are touring strippers, gay strippers if you ask me!

Heats old ass grandmother aka YaYa threatened New York with a "beatdown."

Tango and Chance fake fight again. Tango would never get off the stage and Chance would never get on!!

Real had a hairdo that was so out of pocket that there are no words. How can a man's hair be more bangin' than a woman's?

CONCLUSION: Tango told New York that he fell in love with Tiffany, but he got New York instead. He says that New York disrespected his mother and because of that the engagement is off. Perfect timing considering that he is supposedly involved with someone else and he used the show to jumpstart his rap career. Tango rapping? Ha

New York put the icing on the cake by telling the world about his 2 inch **%^$*! She clearly was not going to marry him anyway. Even if the love was real, New York wasn't going to put up with Tango's "SHORTCOMINGS" if you know what I mean.

I would have rather watched Chamo (aka Mauricio Sanchez), her "sugar fairy" assistant, tell us stories about who he hooked up with in the house because it's obvious that 99% of the men in this competition didn't like New York or any other woman for that matter. Hmm.

Suspect is not the word. I just had to post this. This original photo was taken from Chance's myspace page. Does this give you ladies enough confirmation or what?

My girl DJ Backside interviewed Tango recently, see part 1 of 3 below:

See the edited outtakes from the reunion episode here, you won't believe your eyes!

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