Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Naomi: Trashy to Classy

Image: David from Pretty on the Outside

I have to let Naomi slide on the boob tease in the last posting. I totally forgot about her 5 day stint at the Sanitation Department. She might be a evil cell phone slinging diva, but she went out of that community service with a bang X 2!

The supermodel left her last day of punishment all dolled up wearing an $8000 Dolce and Gabanna gown and stilettos. She worked that hell out of that grundgy driveway. It had no choice but to become a catwalk as she strutted to her silver Roll-Royce while paparazzi lined up to take her photo. She will definitely go down in the fashion history books for that one. Now the question still remains? Will she beat the hell out of her next assistant? No I think she's learned her lesson, it will probably be the doorman next time. Hee Hee

VIDEO: Thanks to TMZ, You Can See Her Give The Silent "Fu*k U" Here:

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