Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is that a NOTEBOOK on TOP of your LAP?


EGO, The luxury lifestyle notebook brand is back with pomp for the festivity season with its latest Tulip Ego model that is features a 12.1″ WXGA widescreen display, a front-loading CD/DVD player and burner that can be used without booting up the notebook. The handbag-shaped notebook is studded with 470 flawless diamonds that adorn the Otazu Ego model in tulip, heart, and Otazu logos. The cost? A whopping 350,000 dollars, which is 100,000 dollars more than I paid for my 4 bedroom house, which sits on 2.8 acres of land. Maybe this should be in the WTF section.

Not sure if you noticed, but this laptop sure looks a lot like an Apple iBook. Hmmm. This item has been on the market for a while, and although they have the added feature of changeable skins, I'd bet my next mortgage payment that they haven't actually sold any!

Here is another one, the Love Edition Laptop, that is not so pricey, but it looks like something you would buy for a little girl.

Maybe Kimora Lee's daughters have one and if so, I am sure no one else in the world does. Note: Kimora would only buy these just to say her daughter's had one..oh yeah and because it's pink. Where can you get one? Barneys NY and Beverly Hills.

What? Ok the pic wasn't nice, but it's pretty hilarious! Kimora you know I love you girl..Image: David from Pretty on the outside


ASUS and Prada created this haute notebook for the business fashionista. The cost? 2500. The problem? Only 50 were distributed so if you don't have this laptop by now, then you are most likely never going to get one.

For those of you who own laptops, here are a few glamalicious USB keys:

The collaboration between Philips and Swarovski has spawned more than just posh phones.

The fashionista's way to store files, the moreish memory keys from 'Active Crystals' are embedded with sparklies and protected by a user password to keep those love letters safe. There are four models to covet: Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out.

Heart Ware and Heart Beat are worn as pendants and open to reveal a USB key with 1GB of memory – that’s space for around 1000 photos or 250 songs! The Lock In and Lock Out babies attach to a keychain and also flash 1GB innards.

The Active Crystals collection will be lining the shelves at stores from August, and while there’s no word on price yet, we suggest you get a head start on counting out those coppers. See more at Gadget Candy!

I just had to post these because they are just so damn glam.

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