Sunday, April 8, 2007

MSNBC To Launch Models NYC Series

First it's "America's Next Top Model," then the "Janice Dickinson Agency"...then "The Agency" this. Can I get a shot at a reality show for Fuschya Models International. Hey Networks!...Call ME!

MSNBC, the cable channel seemingly always in search of an identity, has greenlit Models NYC, a six-part series that takes a look inside the Soho loft of New York's Q Management, a boutique modeling agency.

The show begins April 16.

A synopsis, provided by MSNBC, seems to be taking a page from America's Next Top Model:
We meet Maria — she's beautiful, but insecure. She's making big bucks in front of the camera, but is struggling to move on from the world of poverty and foster care that's not far in her past.

Asha's a big success in London but has her sights set on a New York City modeling career. She finds it's not so easy to break into the market while going back and forth each week to England for college classes.

Andreyna is a spitfire — She's 18 and on her own in the big city. The modeling jobs are pouring in — but the lure of New York's nightlife has proven hard to resist.

Ross also feels the pull of the city — he's handsome, but also a deeply committed Christian. He treasures his Texas roots, but if he wants to make it, he's got to make peace with the Big Apple — a city of sin.

Sabrina knows all the tricks of the trade, she's gorgeous, but she's worried; she's turning 30 and knows that as good as she is, she's pushing the industry age-limit.

And then there are the agents. A savvy businessman, Jeff is Q Management's owner and he loves what he does. He's got a feisty sense of humor and when it comes to the models, he's warm and supportive ... but they know not to cross him. He can look at a new hopeful and in a flash tell whether he or she is worth the investment.

And Tahlani is a veteran agent and one of Jeff's beloved employees. She's a first-rate booker who knows the stakes are high and isn't about to beat around the bush.

All's that's missing is a teary Tyra Banks. Either way, I'll be watching!

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Stephanie said...

Yea, Netowrks, why not??!!! Give Fuschya Models International a reality show!!!!