Saturday, April 21, 2007

Keston 'A La Mode

A little something to start your week with a smile!

Ok ladies. I totally forgot about Keston Karter. He definitely would have given Tyrese some serious "Mr. Eye Candy" competition. He has a calender coming out and I thought that it should be my duty to spread the word because he is somethin' kinda sexy.

Who is Keston Karter?

He is a new face in the acting and modeling industry, born on the beautiful island of Trinidad/Tobago. He was raised in New York where he mastered several musical instruments and used his acting talents in theatre and film productions such as "A Raison in the Sun," and "Inside Man."

I think he is SINGLE at this time. If you have a question for Keston,
e-mail: Don't stalk him please. Smiles

He is on myspace. To buy the Keston Karter 2007 Calender or to download his wallpapers for free, click here


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