Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Megan "Good" and Those "Bad" Earrings

I love Megan...lovely girl..but if she wears those same damn earrings to another event, I'ma.....Ughh! As a celeb, you cannot wear ANYTHING more than once. THOSE EARRINGS have seen too many red carpets (Athletes for Charity this time) and they are sooo Sunny's Beauty Supply if you ask me! Goodness girl, get it together!


Those earrings are partying at Mansion

Those earrings go to lots of red carpet events

Those earrings appear in professional photo shoots

Those earrings go on NFL dates

Those earrings hang out at HOOTERS too! Oh My!

Those earrings have even been PUNK'D!

I guess THOSE EARRINGS need their own personal assistant and PR team!


Chantae said...

Maybe they are her favorite earrings! lol

Anonymous said...

You can wear those earrings anytime baby.


Anonymous said...

Dear Layla,

Have u also noticed that she looks damn GOOD wearing those earrings every single time?????????????????

Hmmm...jealous much???!!!???!!!

Stop HATIN...get a LIFE!!!!!